Introducing Our Speakers – Romella Jones

Defiantly not to be missed Romella is delivering two subjects during the day:

Meditation  – Benefitting from meditation in your life: Quick Simple daily tools for calm

Approx 30-40 mins

In this interactive talk we will discuss the benefits of meditation and some simple ways to add it into your daily life. From breathing exercises, simple visualisations and guided meditations. Interactive in this instance will mean practicing the tools so you should leave more balance and calmer.

An Introduction to Essential Oils and Emotions – an interactive presentation

Approx 40-50 mins

Essential oils are natures solutions, providing us with natural tools to balance hormones, digestive upset, support sleep and reduce anxiety and depression. In this interactive talk we will share some simple ways you can use essential oils for your own wellness journey and a few of our secrets.

Romella Jones is a multi-award winning holistic practitioner and author of 4 books on tools for balance and calm. Romella aims to keep it simple and  so you can create pockets of Space for Calm in your daily life.

Romella’s businesses include “Create Family Calm”, “Space for Calm”, Essential Oils for the Frazzled and “Space for Spirit”

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