Introducing Our Speakers, Victoria Warren

You are 6 weeks away from your happiest self. 


Victoria is a former HR manager, now running a coaching company helping individuals and organisations focus on success through well being, happiness and self and strengths development.
Victoria has always been known for being naturally positive, highly energetic person who is passionate about people. She is an engaging speaker and energy and really tunes in to those she is working with to get the best out of them.
Studying an MSC is applied Positive Psychology Victoria is fascinated by the science behind happiness and runs a 6 weeks self-happiness project that she has tried and tested on herself, resulting in her overcoming anxiety caused by trauma.
Victoria is also very experienced in the area of Strengths, since 2012 Victoria has been identifying strengths in others, using a variety of techniques and has worked with many organisations to implement strengths based recruitment. Excited about using positive psychology to make an impact to the ‘bottom line’ and customer experience, Victoria has recently worked on an award winning Strengths Based Recruitment project within the NHS.
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