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How hypnosis works and how it can help in many areas. Learn about how you can make use of Hypnosis to help with your own health and wellbeing before joining in with a group Hypnosis Session to give you some peace, quiet and deep relaxation. With a focus on health and wellbeing you will then learn how to self Hypnotise and take yourself back to a wonderful relaxing place whenever you wish.


Steve Woods – Hypnotist and Director at Experiential Hypnosis Ltd.

As a Registered Hypnotist in the UK I have worked with groups and individuals for over 13 years.

Specialising in supporting staff wellbeing along with motivation and success I have gained much experience of the Business, Sport, Medical and Educational sectors over this time.

The work I do involves helping groups and individuals make use of the many changes Hypnosis can bring about and then using this to often support existing medical intervention and business support strategies where appropriate.

I am based in South Staffordshire and travel throughout the Country offering talks and demonstrations to help increase the awareness of how powerful and often misunderstood Hypnosis is.

I currently work for the British Medical Association (providing stress release workshops for doctors), Acorns Hospice (working with staff and parents), Wolverhampton College and many other businesses helping with staff wellbeing and stress management.

I am a Registered Hypnotist and Chinosis Coach with the Academy of Hypnotic Arts and also hold an SNHS diploma in Hypnotherapy.

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