Introducing Our Speakers, Claire Mckeown ‘True Potential’

Understand how Law of Attraction can enhance your life

Claire is a Mindset and Motivational Coach, fully qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP expert, and LOA Practitioner. She works with clients young and old, from all walks of life, to get them spectacular results.

Her passion is helping people, many who have had traumatic experiences, to remove unwanted patterns of behaviour, let go of the past, overcome obstacles and live the best life that they can.

She has a no nonsense, dynamic, straight talking and inspirational approach and has supported  thousands of clients to gain control of their life, whether it’s losing weight, taking control of those panic attacks, passing exams or lifting symptoms of depression.

Claire recognises that we are all very unique and one approach does not always fit, she has continuously worked and trained with some of the best in the industry to ensure she  can offer you a  personalised, tailored programme to ensure her support will give you the best possible outcome.

Claire Mckeown. CMH. CPNLP. DHyp. GHR Registered

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