Introducing Our Speakers – Caroline Rolling ‘How to Be Your Own Super Hero and Find Peace Within’

‘How to Be Your Own Super Hero and Find Peace Within’

Caroline Rolling


How would it be to take charge in how you feel and be more able to handle situations?

Stress is an energy eater that, when experienced over long periods, can adversely affect health and well-being.

In this experiential workshop you will gain an understanding in what stress is and be introduced to how you can quickly bring body, mind and energy into coherence.  You will experience a way to change how you feel from the heart so, with practice, you can build strength and increase the ability to deal with what comes up.

Acknowledging your own internal Super Hero, you can begin to take control in how you feel, enabling you to be calmer, happier, more at peace and able to live a better life.


Caroline is a Resilience Coach and Trainer with a passion for empowering people to find peace within.

A licensed HeartMath Trainer, Energy Psychologies Practitioner and Laughter Yoga leader, Caroline is also Director of a not-for-profit organisation that enables communities affected by stress and trauma to build resilience and live better lives.  

Combining some of the most effective, cutting edge tools for self-regulation, Caroline works with individual people, community groups and businesses, enabling them to grow from stress to strength.

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