Christmas was a great refresher for me spending time with my family away from home with our children, their families and other relatives & having got my office reasonably tidy I had a good idea where everything was. One of my New Year resolutions  for this year is not to leave the transferring of my accounts from my files to a spread sheet until January for the Jan 31st tax self assessment deadline! My accountant please note.

Doing all my accounts in a block did have another useful outcome. Seeing everything that I did, where I went, where my income came from and what I invested in for my business has made me reassess my approach in 2018.

Giving my business an MOT has given me a lot of lightbulb moments. Have you had any of those about your business or your lifestyle in general in the last few months?

Most people start worrying about how healthy they are or not & about the lumps & bumps that seem to be more obvious than before. The gyms were heaving with eager get fit enthusiasts in January but as Easter approaches I suspect there will be plenty of room on the treadmills. I just started doing my daily exercises again & did my New Year C9 cleanse.

                    I lost 13 & a half inches from my body.  Yippee.

   I am still doing the exercises before you ask. At home not the gym!

It is said that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Wonder why so many divorce proceedings & new jobs seem to start after Christmas .

I ‘ve just counted up how many decades I’ve had on this planet & how many more I might have. Scary! Better get on with my Lifestyle MOT too. If you want to do one too I would be happy to send you one.

Sue Barker March 2018

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