Since 1995 Alan Harris and Robert Nutthave worked with the Ascended Masters to channel a form of Energy Therapy
which works to balance the Chakras or energy centres.

They called the system ChakrascensionTM.

The Ascended Masters, a group of enlightened beings
who exist in the spiritual realms, act as guides and work with humanity to
support us in our spiritual growth, knowledge and awareness.

The system consists of 13 symbols each one linked to a specific Ascended
Master, partaking of a unique name, colour and function.

ChakrascensionTM is a powerful tool for healing but its purpose is also to help
in the expansion of human consciousness and to accelerate the spiritual
growth of humanity.

Recently Alan and Robert completed the production of a
ChakrascensionTM Master Deck using the symbols and images of the
Ascended Masters.

Alan and Robert live in Shrewsbury and run courses so that people can train
in the system to access the energy to heal themselves, others and connect to
the Ascended Masters.

During the workshop Alan and Robert will be explaining how
ChakrascensionTM System was developed; how they feel it can help heal and
support spiritual growth.

The session will also include a guided meditation
bringing in the energies of the Masters.

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