What Can I Expect From My Visit To The Show?

With just under a week to go until the show we thought we would wet your appetite with what’s happening at the event so you can plan your day, don’t forget you can come and go as you want to whilst visiting and make the most of the picturesque Telford Town Park and shopping centre nearby.

We’ve got:

Trade Stands 

Stallholder Listings

Workshops & Demo’s

including free yoga, do bring your mat!

Debbie Copner Yoga One “If you can breathe, you can do yoga!”


You can view the full programme here:

The Programme of Speakers & Workshops, Sunday 25th March 2018

We’ve also got 250 free  goodie bags for the first visitors to the show!

Advance tickets here: https://healthylifestyleshowshropshire.eventbrite.co.uk

Entry on the day £10, Cash payments only.


Look forward to seeing you!


Healthy HQ X

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Since 1995 Alan Harris and Robert Nutthave worked with the Ascended Masters to channel a form of Energy Therapy
which works to balance the Chakras or energy centres.

They called the system ChakrascensionTM.

The Ascended Masters, a group of enlightened beings
who exist in the spiritual realms, act as guides and work with humanity to
support us in our spiritual growth, knowledge and awareness.

The system consists of 13 symbols each one linked to a specific Ascended
Master, partaking of a unique name, colour and function.

ChakrascensionTM is a powerful tool for healing but its purpose is also to help
in the expansion of human consciousness and to accelerate the spiritual
growth of humanity.

Recently Alan and Robert completed the production of a
ChakrascensionTM Master Deck using the symbols and images of the
Ascended Masters.

Alan and Robert live in Shrewsbury and run courses so that people can train
in the system to access the energy to heal themselves, others and connect to
the Ascended Masters.

During the workshop Alan and Robert will be explaining how
ChakrascensionTM System was developed; how they feel it can help heal and
support spiritual growth.

The session will also include a guided meditation
bringing in the energies of the Masters.

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Sami Blackford, Freyaluna ‘FINDING YOUR INNER WILD WOMAN’

Sami Blackford is the founder and force of passion behind Freyaluna. Sami helps rebellious, open-hearted Wild Women who struggle with confidence and self-image issues to come home to their bodies and embrace their innate natural beauty.

Here she shares her tips for reviving your inner Wild Woman…

Learn to recognise Wild Woman

Wild Woman is that innate natural being inside all women. She is your inner knowing. Your intuition. Your true essence. She is you at a very base and primal level. She’s the inner instinct which knows exactly what is best for you. Note: Wild Woman always knows.

Forget “should”

Remove the word “should” from your vocabulary. Seriously.” Should” is a sign that you’re not really into whatever it is you think you “should” be doing. “Should” is not fun, and it destroys creativity.

It’s YOUR life

We are in complete control of our lives. Seriously, there’s no-one else. It’s just you. And it’s just me. YOU are in control of your life, your career, your relationships, your friendships… everything.

Remove the labels

As we go through life, we collect many labels from many different people and places – woman, daughter, sister, auntie, friend, business woman, writer – these are just a few of the labels I have. Some labels are positive and make us feel good, and some are maybe not so good. It’s these not-so-good labels which we want to remove.

Slow down

If you’re always rushing through your life – meeting work deadlines, partying the weekends away, or whatever it is – how will you ever truly appreciate your life? Taking a time for yourself means you get to fill-up your own vessel, to nurture your Wild Woman, so that you can give more to others.

Raise your awareness

This generally comes as a knock-on effect of the last point – once we slow down, we become more aware of what is happening within and around us. From here we are in a stronger position to make changes for the better.

Connect with your feminine power

Ladies, did you know we are born with a natural road map deep within us; our own blueprint for success. Follow the road map and life will become easier, more enjoyable, and you can gain a more loving relationship with yourself.

Be gentle with yourself

Be kind. Be gentle. Be loving. Be supportive. With others, yes. And most importantly, with yourself. On the days you feel good, and more importantly, on the days you’re feeling not-so-good. Because a year, 6 months, 1 month, 1 day from now you can be in a completely different space – mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Keep moving forward, and keep believing in yourself.

Join Sami for her workshop: Discovering Your Inner Wild Woman at 1:25pm at The Healthy Lifestyle Show.

·         Founder: Sami Blackford

·         Contact: team@freyaluna.co.uk

·         Website: www.freyaluna.co.uk

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Introducing Our Exhibitors, Liz Berwick – Weleda

Stay Natural

It’s not as straightforward as it should be –
but here’s why it’s worth the effort

Your skin absorbs about 60% of anything you put on it, and estimates
suggest that some of the chemicals found in everyday toiletries can reach
your organs in less than half a minute. When you consider the sheer
volume of stuff we use to get clean, smell nice and live in hope of
rediscovering at Youthful Glow, you won’t be surprised that studies have
found the average British woman absorbs
around 2kg of cosmetic ingredients every year.

What’s in beauty products?
Most moisturisers on the market – including those you’d think are
‘natural’ – contain by-products from the crude oil industry. Mineral oil
and petroleum – which also go by the names petrolatum, para n oil and
petroleum jelly – create a barrier because they can’t be absorbed by the
skin, but this also means your skin can’t breathe or heal.
And then there are nitrosamines. In 1998, the Department for Trade and
Industry said ‘it has been demonstrated that nitrosamines are
carcinogenic in more animal species than any other category of chemical carcinogen.’ Yet they are
commonly used in cosmetics – and not listed on product labels because they are classed as impurities.
However, DEA, TEA and MEA – the chemicals in which the impurities can occur – will appear on the
ingredients list.

Are ‘natural’ products different?
When you make a conscious decision to avoid these harmful ingredients by choosing a product clearly
labelled ‘natural’, you could still be exposed to them.
This is because there’s currently no harmonised standard for – or official regulatory definition of –
‘natural and organic cosmetic products’; while all cosmetics on the European market must comply
with the EU Cosmetic Regulation, ‘natural and organic’ remains an officially undefined sector of the
otherwise tightly regulated European industry. is means brands can use the terms ‘natural’ and
‘organic’ to cash in on growing consumer interest in the sector, without being held to account over
how the terms are used, and whether they accurately reflect the products beneath the label.

Choose CERTIFIED products like Weleda
In a bid to clean up ‘natural’ beauty’s dirty
secret, some pioneers have created their own
standard to help shoppers navigate the aisles.
Products carrying the NATRUE logo, for
example, have met the requirements of a
standard that sets three certification levels:
‘Natural Cosmetics’, ‘Natural Cosmetics with
Organic Components’ (at least 70% organic)
and ‘Organic Cosmetics’ (95% or more
organic). The certification process is carried
out by third party and independent
organisations that verify product compliance
to the standard.
You can rest assured, all Weleda products carry the NATRUE label.

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Introducing Our Exhibitors, Energised Life Caribbean beach experience

If you like massage, meditation and sunlight you will love the Energised Life Caribbean beach experience.
Just imagine relaxing on a private Caribbean beach enjoying the warmth of the sunlight, listening to the soothing sounds of the waves gently wash on shore. When you come along to the Healthy Lifestyle show you will have the opportunity to visit the Caribbean beach and enjoy a Energising treatment of massage and mindfulness that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. The Caribbean beach experience is provided FREE of charge to anyone over the age of 18.
See you at the Healthy Lifestyle show for a Caribbean beach mini break
Alan and the team at Energised Life
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