Introducing Our Speakers – Jan Minihane, UK Paleo Awards

We are super pleased to announce or next speaker,

Jan Minihane – Paleo expert, founder of the UK Paleo Awards

Jan is a paleo & primal living advocate and owner of the UK’s largest Paleo directory website, She also organises the UK Paleo Awards, celebrating the best in paleo food, drink and blogging. She works with people, organisations and businesses to raise the profile on paleo & primal living within the UK and beyond.

Web: | Web: | Twitter:

Introducing Our Speakers – Aaron Clark, Mental Health Muscle.

Introducing Aaron Clark of Mental Health Muscle, Our community partner for the Healthy Lifestyle Show on Sunday 25th March.

As well as having a trade stand at the show, join Aaron for a 30 minute talk highlighting  the cause and their not for profit vision going forward.

Aaron Clark

Co-Director #MHMC, MH Mentor & Fitness Professional

I worked within mental health for 10+ years in various supportive, educational and community focused roles; bringing together my passion for fitness and the years of experience and study being involved to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness; using the gym and fitness as an escape and therapy for those individuals suffering.

More information can be found at:

Introducing Our Speakers – Romella Jones

Defiantly not to be missed Romella is delivering two subjects during the day:

Meditation  – Benefitting from meditation in your life: Quick Simple daily tools for calm

Approx 30-40 mins

In this interactive talk we will discuss the benefits of meditation and some simple ways to add it into your daily life. From breathing exercises, simple visualisations and guided meditations. Interactive in this instance will mean practicing the tools so you should leave more balance and calmer.

An Introduction to Essential Oils and Emotions – an interactive presentation

Approx 40-50 mins

Essential oils are natures solutions, providing us with natural tools to balance hormones, digestive upset, support sleep and reduce anxiety and depression. In this interactive talk we will share some simple ways you can use essential oils for your own wellness journey and a few of our secrets.

Romella Jones is a multi-award winning holistic practitioner and author of 4 books on tools for balance and calm. Romella aims to keep it simple and  so you can create pockets of Space for Calm in your daily life.

Romella’s businesses include “Create Family Calm”, “Space for Calm”, Essential Oils for the Frazzled and “Space for Spirit”

Introducing Our Speakers – Alan Harris & Robert Nutt, Chakracension

Introducing our next amazing speakers at the Healthy Lifestyle Show:

Alan Harris and Robert Nutt have been reiki masters since 1995.   Since then they have focussed their attention on teaching Usui/Tibetan reiki across the West Midlands and Shropshire.  For more than 20 years that have also developed their own healing system called Chakrascension™; this brings in the energy of the Ascended Masters to balance the human chakra system.

Join them for:

Chakrascension™ – Healing with the Ascended Masters. A talk and guided meditation

A one hour interactive session, event programme to be announced soon with session timings.

Alan and Robert are also pleased to say –

‘Over the last 18 months Alan and Robert have been working on an Oracle deck of cards.  They are pleased to launch the Chakrascension TM Master Deck at our event’

Introducing Our Speakers – Mags O’Brien

Introducing our first speaker:

Mags O’Brien – Life Transformation Specialist.

Talk: 6 Steps to Live the Life You Want.

Does your time often get taken up with family and work commitments?


Do you sometimes lack the confidence to say and really get what you want?

Does part of you feel that you are not living the life you want but you don’t know where to start to change that?


In this talk I will share with you the 6 steps of what you need to do to Get Confident, Get Clear and Get the Life You Want.

In this talk you will:

  • Understand the importance of being clear about what you want and why you want it
  • Realise what gets in the way and what you can do about it
  • See a way forward to confidently keep moving forward to get the life you want
  • Have an opportunity to book a free consultation with me (after the event)

I look forward to seeing you

Three Ways To Make Healthy Changes, This January.

With the doom and gloom of post Christmas,  #BlueMonday and another flurry of snow here in Shropshire I write with the intention of giving three very easy, changeable ways to benefit you and your Healthy Lifestyle this January.

    1. Make Healthy Food Choices – its not all about don’t eat this or that or you must follow the next diet trend. Take a moment or two this evening to plan your meals for the next couple of days or week, challenge yourself to make a change or two on what you would normally have -can you change one of your meals from chips to a jacket potato? or pop a handful of green tea bags in your handbag to alternate with caffeine at work?
    2. Practice mindfulness – whether its a 5 minute meditation before bed, an extra half hour walk around the block twice a week just for you to clear your thoughts, or enjoying some self care with a candlelit bubble bath, take those precious moments and don’t skip them!

Catch up on some sleep – Winter in nature is all about hibernation, try and stick to a routine of going to bed at a reasonable time and waking up at the same time each morning. your body will appreciate it!

Don’t forget to let me know how you get on in the comments!

Have a great Sunday,

Healthy HQ X